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Available Litters

Mini Australian Mountain Doodles

Born 10.30.2023 Take home date is 12.25.2023

We have decided to breed Ruby to our new stud Oquiirh. Oquirrh is a mini bernedoodle, clear DNA and OFA certs. Oquirrh is a wonderful member of our family, he is the calmest dog we have had the pleasure of being around. He is genetically 50% bernese mountain dog, giving him that calm loyal temperament. He does not carry any curl so coats will be soft and straight to slight wave. Both Ruby and Oquirrh have intense coloring so we expect these pups to be no different. If interested in being placed on the waitlist please contact me

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Ruby & Oquirrh's
Nightmare Before Christmas Litter


Sally is a red female. Intense color, one of the smallest in the litter. Reserved


Jack is a tricolor male. Intense color, biggest boy in the litter. $2500-Reserved

Boogie is a merle male. Intense color.. Reserved

Oogie Boogie


Lock is a phantom male. Intense color. Reserved


Shock is a female tricolor. Intense color, she is the biggest of the females. $2500


Barrel is a phantom male, the smallest male in the litter. Intense color. Reserved

Jewel Finkelstein

Jewel is a red bicolor female. Reserved

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