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Guardian Program
We will be looking for guardian homes in the year 2022! All of our dogs are a beloved family member and do not live in kennels or cages, they get all the love and attention they deserve! This is why we have guardian home opportunities, it gives our breeding dogs a permanent home with all the love they deserve from the time they are a puppy. It also gives you a breeder picked puppy at no cost to you. We do have requirements for being a guardian home, if interested read through the requirements and fill out an application, thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!
Guardian Obligations

1. The guardians are responsible for all expenses related to properly maintaining, containing, training and caring for the dog using methods approved by breeder.

2. Guardians must follow breeder's nutritional guidelines, exercise the dog appropriately, pay for routine veterinary care, food related expenses, and pay for sick visits to the veterinarian.

3. Guardians must surrender the dog to the breeder whenever stud services are needed and on occasions such as, but not limited to, doodle romps and veterinary visits. For females, the female must be surrendered to breeder for breeding (2 weeks-may be brought back and forth) and for whelping (up to 8 weeks). Guardians must inform breeder as soon as the female comes into heat.

4. Guardians agree to cooperate in arranging transport of the dg upon breeders request for testing, insemination, natural breeding or on other occasions as needed by breeder.

5. Guardian must inform breeder of vacations and planned absences. Any person caring for the dog in the guardians absence must be approved by the breeder in advance.

6. Guardians may not choose or allow elective veterinary procedures to be performed on dog without the written permission from breeder.

7. Guardians may not use or allow the use of the dog for breeding purposes except for those arranged by the breeder.

8. The guardians are responsible to ensure that all persons residing with the guardians and dog understand the contract.

9. Guardians agree to reside within one hour of Hooper, UT for the duration of the contract. If guardians move outside this radius the contract may be voided.

10. Guardians will keep the dog contained, when outside, with permanent fencing.

11. Guardians agree that the dog will be an indoor dog, and will never be kept outside for extended periods of time.

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