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The Aussiedoodle is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Aussiedoodles are known as the Einstein of the doodle world, they are highly intelligent, loving, and energetic.



    F1 Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd X Poodle)

      *F1 Aussiedoodles tend to have straight to wavy coats with very little shedding


   F1B Aussiedoodles (Aussiedoodle X Poodle) 

      * F1B Aussiedoodles tend to have a wavy to curly coat and are less likely to shed making it a better choice for those with allergies.

   The Aussiedoodle coat does require frequent brushing. Aussiedoodles can be shaved short, trimmed, or left with a full coat.


   Aussiedoodles come in a variety of colors. Currently, we breed blue merle, red merle, and chocolate bi. Aussiedoodles can have brown, green, or blue eyes. We do not dock tails.


   We currently breed standard Aussiedoodles which generally weigh between 35-45 lbs. Females are smaller than males.


   Aussiedoodles make amazing family pets, they do well with children and other animals. They love their families and enjoy spending time with them, whether it be playing hard or couch potatoing. The Aussiedoodle is an extremely intelligent dog, many are used as service or therapy dogs due to their trainability and loving nature.


   Aussiedoodles are extremely smart and eager to please. Training must be firm and consistent using patience and rewards. You should start training your Aussiedoodle as soon as you bring him/her home. It is important to crate train your puppy, it will help with house training and chewing that might occur.


   Aussiedoodles do require exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and trouble. Aussiedoodles enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, agility, and many more activities! Aussiedoodles have a medium to high energy level and are best suited to active families.

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